Empire Speed Team Race Results Saturday 05.12.07

Pictures Above: Jordyn Olinger On her first Ever Pro Race - Ali, Jennifer, Nicole During the race - Carole Olinger Skating Pro-Senior Ladies
Pictures Bellow: Pro Elite Men Start - Peter Moynihan - Max Ivenitsky Takes the sprint for 4th in Pro Vet.

Empire Results

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Master ladies: 1st: Naomi Patino
Pro Veteran Men:3rd: Miguel Patino - 4th: Max Ivenitsky
6th: Robert Blinken Jr.- 10th: Peter Moynihan
Pro Elite Men: 7th: Francisco Ramirez - 8th: Luis Moreno
9th: Herb Harbison Jr. - 10th: Aaron Kincaid - 11th: Oliver Martinez
13th: Tyler Ricardi - 14th: John Hamilton
Pro Elite Women:5th: Nicole Bischoff - 6th: Marcia Woodfield
7th: Carole Olinger
Pro Junior Girls: 4th: Jennifer Ibarra - 6th: Alexandra Veljkovic
Pro Freshman Girls:7th: Jordyn Olinger
Advanced Junior Men:7th: Tyler Olinger
Advanced Veteran Men:1st: Kenneth Roberts
Advanced Grand Veteran Men:1st: Don Jacobus
300M Sprints Results
Pro Men: 6th: Francisco Ramirez - 27.05 10th: Luis Moreno - 27.85
16th: Oliver Martinez - 29.21
Pro Ladies: 3rd: Nicole Bischoff - 28.63 6th: Jennifer Ibarra - 29.57
10th: Carole Olinger - 30.43 11th: Alexandra Veljkovic - 30.83
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A2A 2006

Pictures Above: Marcia Woodfield, Glad to finish the race - Karin Gabriel, taking a drink after the race - Francisco Ramirez & Peter Doucet Moments before the race
Pictures Bellow: Lorenzo Manoni & Francisco Ramirez finish in a tie for 9th - Mauro Guenci with his 1st place plate - Robert Blinken Jr. on his way to second place on his race.

Empire Results

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Overall Men: 3rd place: Peter Doucet - 9th place : Francisco Ramirez
Overall Women:2nd Place Karin Gabriel -
Master ladies: 2nd place: Marcia Woodfield
52 Miles Men:2nd Sebastian Tabares - 40-49: 4th Jared Ingersoll
52 Miles Women: Melisa Escobar 38 Miles Overall: 2nd Robert Blinken
Male 40-49: 1st Robert Blinken,JR.
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NYC Skate Marathon & 100K Championships 2006

Pictures Above: Queen of the mountain Winners: Karin Gabriel 1st, Sophia Buckaloo 2nd,Marcia Woodfield 3rd - Pro men during the race - Oliver Martinez Sitting after the race
Pictures Bellow:Pro Men Winners: Julien Levrard 1st,Steve Robillard 2nd, Matthiew Barrault 3rd - 100K Logo - Queen Of the mountain award .

Empire Results

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Overall Men: 4th place: Luis Carlos Mejia - 9th place - Francisco Ramirez - 18th Luis Moreno - 21st Adiel Fernandez
Overall Women:1st Place Karin Gabriel - 3rd Place Marcia Woodfield
Men 42K Overall:1st place Glen Corso - 4th Place Max Ivenitsky - 11th place David Latoundji
42K overall Ladies: 1st place Alexandra Veljcovik -
21K Overall Men: 1st place Daniel Torres
King Of The Mountain:3rd Place Luis Carlos Mejia
Queen of the mountain:1st Place Karin Gabriel - 3rd Place Marcia Woodfield
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